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Realflame 40x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: Craig from Lytham St Annes   5 Stars
I have used many smokeless fuels and Realflame is one of the best mid price range fuels for an open fire. Burns with an attractive flame and gives a good heat (personally I don't like fuels that burn any hotter than this on an open fire as they damage the fire grate). Lights and relights faster than any other smokeless fuel I have used. Very little relatively clean ash. 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs (Extra Large Crate )
Reviewer: Richard from Essex   5 Stars
I installed a multi-fuel burner almost 3 years ago and have used Ace products ever since. I use kiln-dried hardwood and buy a large pallet and it is a quality product. I also use Realflame smokeless and also buy a pallet at a time. The combination heats my whole cottage economically day and night throughout the winter. If i bank the burner with coal last thing at night it stays in all night, meaning no cold mornings and no re-lighting either. 

Realflame 40x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: becca from Kent   5 Stars
Moved into a new house with a stove and after trying lots of coal from many places we decided to give this a try and are very very very happy it has made our stove something else heats the whole house thank you 

Realflame 40x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: Andrew from Bolton   5 Stars
Not one for leaving reviews but this product has impressed!! very little ash and super hot also burns with a very nice flame when turned up. thanks for the great service we will be back 

Realflame 40x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: Dave from Staffs   5 Stars
Ordered Tuesday 22nd March took 1 week to arrive including Easter bank holiday so super fast delivery. It's took me 3 years to find smokeless coal as good as Realflame and I won't be changing any time soon +++++ 
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Realflame 20 x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: Allan from Newton Abbot   5 Stars
Was a bit sceptical about the 15% extra claim but there's no doubt that the bags are much fuller than from my usual supplier. The product is an excellent quality, lights easily and lasts a long time. Delivery was made on time and the driver was extremely helpful . Best of all is that I also saved £2 a bag when compared to my old supplier. Thank you. 

Realflame 40x 25kg ( Our Premium Famous Own Brand Smokeless )
Reviewer: Ben from Hull   5 Stars
Tried realflame after speaking with Emma . Thanks for the recommendation this is the best smokeless i have ever tried will buy again A++++++ 

Smokeless Ovals 40 x 25Kg
Reviewer: Stephen Grimes from Essex   5 Stars
Tried this company for the first time last week super fast delivery and cant believe the value for money. 


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