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Reviewer: dean from Bradford   3 Stars
We tried an assortment of the main smokeless products from ACE-energy .The Phurnacite 25kg were the most expensive ones we tried . They were relatively easy to light , just 3 or 4 medium sticks of kindling (also from ACE) was plenty to get it going. Initially they burn well with a very attractive aesthetic and high heat output , they lose this half way through becoming damped down due to a dense blanket of ash .We found that after a few hours they need more attention than the larger coals that we tried , the ash doesnt like to fall away of its own accord as they burn so we had to give it a poke a few times.The ash is less gritty than the cheaper coals noticeably and less overall ash by volume at the end. Ignition good 4 /5 heat v good 5 /5 burn time ok 3.5 /5 ash good 4 /5 effort ok 3 /5 19.5 / 25 We would get a bag of this again just for when we have guests over because it does make a very lovely fire , but for general use we found the economy coal was well suited to our needs with longer burn time and hardly any attention needed after lighting it. 

Economy Realflame Smokeless
Reviewer: Allan henderson from Hx2 8dt   5 Stars
Good quality smokeless coal It gives good heat and is slow burning Not too much ash to dispose of in the morning . 

 Patio / BBQ Gas (propane)
Reviewer: Carl from Huddersfield   5 Stars
This is exactly like a Calor patio bottle but much much cheaper, Glad i found Ace Gas 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs EXTRA LARGE Crate Pictured
Reviewer: Carl from Halifax   4 Stars
Excellent speedy delivery - can't fault the quality and quantity of the logs. On my previous order I received full crate of 100% Ash logs. This time the crate was a 50/50 mix of Oak and Birch. It would be good to know this when ordering.  

Bark Bricks
Reviewer: James from Halifax   5 Stars
Tried these after seeing them online from another seller charging 3 times the price, they burn over 8 hours over night on my stove with everything closed which is perfect Thanks for the great service Ace 

 Economy Realflame Smokeless
Reviewer: Julie from Uttoxeter   5 Stars
quick to light, long lasting, good heat. Good all rounder and value for money. Thanks Ace, great service. 

 British House Coal
Reviewer: from    4 Stars
burns well with good heat output high smoke is a down point 

 Economy Realflame Smokeless
Reviewer: Barry from Marchington, Uttoxeter   4 Stars
Good quality coal. Soon lights up with a good bunch of sticks under it. Gives out a nice steady heat with a long burn. Not to much ash and clean burning. Using this in a multi-fuel stove, very easy to regulate and ideal to bank up overnight for a slow tickover. Packaging is excellent and delivery is first class. My neighbour ran out of coal and borrowed a bag of this, They were very impessed, looks like Ace Energy have another customer. 

British House Coal
Reviewer: Paul Brown from Savile Park   5 Stars
Burns realy hot. we found this was more suitable for our DEFA stove than others we have tried from ACE. and because its cheap whats not to like. Relatively low residue with the odd stone but lights eadily and consistant in size ... we like it and we will be back for more . 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs EXTRA LARGE Crate Pictured
Reviewer: Mrs Burhouse from Linthwaite   5 Stars
Thanks again for such a brilliant service and excellent quality logs my dog is very happy in front of the fire. 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs LARGE Crate pictured
Reviewer: Becca from Huddersfield   5 Stars
Been using builders bags of logs from many suppliers but these crates work out better all round a lot drier and hotter than any i have used before thanks again for the brilliant service 

25KG Economy Realflame Smokeless
Reviewer: The Count of Undolpho from Leeds   4 Stars
Easy enough to light, good heat output, lasts for hours and is easily banked over night or whilst at work (14+ hours). As stated more ash than the premium but that helps with keeping it in for long periods. The rather long ovals can make it a little awkward to arrange if you are trying to be parsimonious. The service is excellent as well! Used in a Multi Fuel burner 

Taybrite Smokeless
Reviewer: Craig from Bradford   5 Stars
Fantastic company, seamless transaction, from purchase to delivery. Delivery was prompt with a nice friendly driver. I ordered the Taybrite to mix with wood, what a difference, warm & cosy. Will definitely use these guys again & recommend to friends. Keep up the good work guys!! 

Thorsby House Coal DOUBLES
Reviewer: Terry from Keighley   3 Stars
Easy to light and burns well. Gives out good heat and around 3 hours hot burning without topping up on standard level burn setting. Downside is not very clean burning, smoky until the outside tar burns off and have to break up after a few hours as it tends to lump together. Overall a good value coal for cost , heat and burning time. Would buy again. 

Realflame ® Smokeless
Reviewer: Bex from Huddersfield   5 Stars
Tried this product and i have to admit i will not be going back to anything else super hot and very very low ash. 

Economy Realflame Smokeless
Reviewer: Jon from Bradford   5 Stars
I bought a load of this fuel as I was looking for a lower cost alternative to e-coal.Its a little slower to light but lasts well and gives a nice hot fire without producing much ash. overall, its good stuff!